It all started in the summer of 2013 ... Jordi Dhooge, nowadays DJ Merlo, went to his first festival and felt immediately in love with the music. From then on DJ Merlo was created.

At the very beginning Jordi was searching for a good alias but none of them sounded really catchy.
One day he went to his grandparents for a nice diner and at the table stood a nice bottle of wine called Merlot.
That was the biggest inspiration for his final name, Merlo.

But without knowledge and a small amount of money Jordi bought his first gear: a very simple mixer. He exercised daily to become better and better.
Finally someone offered him a chance to play at small private party and since then everything skyrocketed. In his first year he participated in a DJ contest and ended up at the second place, DJ Merlo began to gain popularity.
After al that hard work to become known in the industry, DJ Merlo won the Switched DJ contest. It gave him the chance to play with DJ Regi.

After three years DJ Merlo was very pleased with his achievements but he wanted more ... He started exploring the world of producing with a good friend of him. Soon you'll hear about those productions.

Without all his fans and the support he gets from them it wouldn't been possible to do this so DJ Merlo is very thankful for this!

"The beginning is always today." Mary Shelley

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